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Spornette’s Porcupine Boar Bristle Rounder in People Magazine

Remember the children’s game “I Spy”?  You start with “I spy with my little eye…” and then you wait for the child to find your item in a book, in a classroom, or maybe out the window in the car.  That’s how we felt when we spied our very popular Porcupine Boar Bristle Rounder in last week’s issue of People Magazine.  Comic Kathy Griffin, known for her pretty red hair as much as her on-the-spot humor, has her stylist’s favorite brush in her Glam Room.



The extended nylon bristles penetrate the hair easily, while the shorter boar bristles grab the hair and hold it for straightening or creating waves. We think this brush should be included in all Glam Rooms don’t you?

.Porcupine Family - F

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