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Spornette’s Brush of the Week – The G Series Porcupine Mixed Bristle Rounders!

Some might say this line of brushes should receive the title of Brush of the Year since they are so very popular.  I’m talking about the G-36 Porcupine Mixed Bristle rounders.  This is the brush loved by celebrity stylist, Mark Townsend, and many others stylists at the top of their game.  Why is it so loved by stylists in salons and homes across the globe?  Because this beautiful brush, which comes in three sizes, makes perfect blow outs possible for everyone!  The rounded barrel holds the extended NYLON bristles that penetrate the hair easily and then the BOAR bristles grab and hold the hair which creates the exact amount of tension needed to create amazing results.  Click here to check out other glamorous celebrities who have wowed us with their killer hair, all styled by the Porcupine Rounders!!!

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