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Ion Fusion Vent

$15.70 $12.56

The Paddle Brush bristles are ball tipped for gentleness. The Tunneled Vent brush dries and volumizes hair easily and quickly. The Cushion Brush features an extended nylon pin surrounded by pure boar bristles.

  • Ion Vent Hair Brush (#176)
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”9300” Vent Brush

$6.00 $4.80

Large “W” shaped closed vent brush with nylon tipped bristles, holds hair very well for easy styling. An excellent Air Styler.

  • Vent Hair Brush (#9300)
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9000-MF Anti-Static Vent Brush

$7.30 $5.84

This is an anti-static, ball-tipped vent brush. It features open vents that let air from a hair dryer go through a hair section being held on the brush.

  • Vent Hair Brush (#9000-MF)
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Ventura Blow-Out Brush

$40.00 $32.00

The Ventura Brush is a hybrid brush combining the best of a round brush and a paddle brush. Curl, flip or straighten all with one comfortable and convenient tool.

  • Ventura Blow-Out Brush Blue (#VB-1)
  • Ventura Blow-Out Brush Silver (#VB-2)
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Perfect Grip Tunnel Vent

$18.00 $14.40

A Perfect Grip makes all the difference in working with a hair brush! The Perfect Grip Stylers feature Specially designed ergonomic handle that increase mobility but also reduce wrist fatigue.

  • Perfect Grip Tunnel Vent (#PGS-5)


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The Kearatina is a specially designed thermal vent brush for use with Keratin and other heat-based hair treatments.

  • Keratina Heat Based Treatment Brush Large (KV-1)
  • Keratina Heat Based Treatment Brush Medium (KV-3)
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POP Display Keratina Vent 12 Piece

$308.00 $246.40

POP Display with 12 Keratina Vent Brushes
6 Small / 6 Large

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POP Display Ventura Blow-out 6 Piece

$240.00 $192.00

POP Display with 6 Ventura Blow-out Brushes
3 Silver / 3 Blue

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