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Ion Fusion Vent

The Paddle Brush bristles are ball tipped for gentleness. The Tunneled Vent brush dries and volumizes hair easily and quickly. The Cushion Brush features an extended nylon pin surrounded by pure boar bristles.

  • Ion Vent Hair Brush (#176)
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The Kearatina is a specially designed thermal vent brush for use with Keratin and other heat-based hair treatments.

  • Keratina Heat Based Treatment Brush Large (KV-1)
  • Keratina Heat Based Treatment Brush Medium (KV-3)
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Mini Stylers Nylon

The Spornette Mini Stylers are perfect for completing the finished look.

Mini Styler Nylon Rounder Hair Brush 3/4 inch (#HB-1)

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My Favorite Cushion Paddle

  • Medium # 5160
  • Large# 5161

Flexible ball-tipped nylon bristles set in a random pattern ensures that every hair strand will be brushed.

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Super Looper

The Super Looper Brush is ideal for brushing hair extensions or hairpieces. The looped bristles cannot damage a loop or knot because there is no tip on the bristle, where other types of brushes use single strands of longer bristles that are very thin or ball tipped bristles that can get caught in knots or glue bonds.

  • Super Looper Large Hair Extension Wig Styling Brush (#215)
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The Feel Good Detangling Brush

The Feel Good Brush features nylon bristles that easily penetrate the hairline, creating a smooth brushing experience.

  • The Feel Good Brush (#29)
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