Brush of the Week for Movember

While much attention is given to the pink ribbons that have come to represent Breast Cancer awareness in the month of October, some might not know that November is now called MOVEMBER which draws attention to men’s health (prostate cancer being one of the major issues).

The Bolero brush line from Spornette is dedicated to men and their beauty needs. You didn’t think that Spornette only catered to the women in your life, did you?  The collection includes four brushes: the rectangular Bolero Boar Styler, the Bolero Beard and Mustache Styler, the Bolero Nylon Styler, and the Bolero Row Styler.  Each brush works to help style all types of hair to give men a clean put together look, but don’t be surprised if women steal these brushes to style their own looks (the Beard and Mustache styler is especially helpful with brushing back baby hair and wisps around the sides and forehead.)

Spornette proudly contributes to prostate cancer research.



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