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Styling Brushes

Brush With Beauty

Spornette Styling Brushes have graced the hands of hair stylist since the 1950s.  Hair styling has come a long way and Spornette is proud to have led the professional brush industry.  Spornette knows high quality brushes, that out-perform are essential to professional stylists.  We remain on the cutting edge of technology and continue to create new, innovative and inspiring brushes for our stylists.  And more importantly, it means keeping the world happy and styled beautifully.

Our Newest Brush

Your favorite Square aerated hair brush is back by popular demand with an all new handle, high heat resistant ionic bristles, and a very rich color scheme. Available in 4 sizes our SQUARE HEAT STYLER can be used in several ways:

  • Use flat edge for straightening
  • Use corner for flip
  • Roll brush for curl

Hair Brush Collections

Spornette has been the professionals’ choice for more than 50 years. We are a family company well into the 3rd generation. We can only exist by working on your behalf in doing what you want the way you want it. We welcome your comments and suggestions and critiques.

I was trying to find a brush that did not get crazy hot when using a hair dryer. This one has help up very well. It is easy to use when blow drying my hair out straight or making nice waves. It is very easy to clean and does not get greasy like some natural bristle brushes. Great brush overall!
— Brad & Samantha Stuntz

I love this brush. I have very long fine, but thick hair. It's very straight. I have been experiencing a great deal of breakage and hair loss when using a plastic paddle brush. It takes a little more work with this brush to get through all layers of the hair, but I have hardly any breakage and leaves my hair soft and smooth. It does cause static electricity though when hair is dry. I just rub a drop or two of moroccan argan oil though it and it's fine though. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this brush!! So glad I won't be losing so much hair in the future.
— Patty H.

I absolutely LOVE This little Brush for Teasing My Hair!!! How have I lived w/o it for so long??
— Alexandria K.

I have had this brush for a year and a half and it is my go to brush. It is the perfect combination of the Boar bristles and the plastic "ball" bristles. All "ball" bristle brushes (I don't know the technical term) are too rough on my hair and pull it out. But all boar bristle brushes don't grab hair beyond the surface, and so they don't detangle. This is the best of both worlds. It has enough "grab" but doesn't rip. I truly believe the gentleness and the fact that the boar bristles pull oil from the top of your head down to the dry ends has really made my hair grow longer over the past year. Will definitely purchase again.
— Kelly Glasco