Bolero Men’s Collection

Bolero Men Men’s Hair Brush Collection Featuring four unique, masculine inspired hairbrushes for all hair types. Handsome, In Demand & Eco Friendly Spornette Bolero brushes help fill a major void in Professional sales to the growing Men health and beauty market. Each Laser Engraved Bolero brush is made from FSC* certified maple wood.

  • Bolero Boar Men’s Styler Hair Brush (#B-1)
  • Bolero Boar Beard & Mustache Facial Hair Brush (#B-4)
  • Bolero Nylon Bristle Styler Hair Brush (#B-6)
  • Bolero Flared Bristle 9 Row Styler Hair Brush (#B-9)
  • Bolero Wood Display (#B-100)