21-BW” Classic 100% Boar Cushion

Classic Large Boar Bristle Oval for straightening curls and managing hair

Classic Large 100% Boar Bristle # 21 – BW

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Classic Large 100% Boar Bristle brush for styling and finishing hair.

The benefits of boar bristle brushes go beyond simply cleaning your hair, it also conditions. Scalp stimulation from both hair brushing and scalp massaging help distribute your natural sebum evenly through the hair. This helps your overall hair health and keeps those shiny locks resilient and strong. In addition, as your hair is coated with sebum you’ll find moisture is restored, and the hair is generally more sheen, smooth, and manageable.

Brushing with a boar bristle brush stimulates the capillaries, increasing blood circulation in the scalp and transporting oxygen and nutrients to the hair stem, root and bulb. It also helps to balance the sebaceous glands by stimulating them and allowing them to breath while retaining natural oils. Sebaceous gland imbalance is often to blame for hair loss, as overproduction and underproduction of sebum cause weakening and undernourishment of the scalp.



Paddle Brush 21 BW


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