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Brush of the Week – Your Chance to WIN the Pronto Rounder

Hurry!  Pronto!  We’re giving away this week’s Brush of the Week!!  The Pronto rounder is one of our most unique brushes with its concave shape that holds hair for quick drying.  The hourglass middle section captures your hair for nice waves and curls.  The brush comes in four sizes, so all lengths can benefit with this brush. […]

Brush of the Week Named Best Paddle Brush – The Ion Fusion

According to the website, Spornette’s Ion Fusion Paddle is one of the best paddle brushes on the market.  Here’s why: the long ball tipped nylon bristles are great for detangling long thick hair.  The large paddle also can be used to smooth, massage and style while reducing any pulling and snagging.  The one-piece handle assures that […]

Spornette’s Brush of the Week – The G Series Porcupine Mixed Bristle Rounders!

Some might say this line of brushes should receive the title of Brush of the Year since they are so very popular.  I’m talking about the G-36 Porcupine Mixed Bristle rounders.  This is the brush loved by celebrity stylist, Mark Townsend, and many others stylists at the top of their game.  Why is it so loved […]

The Keratina – Spornette’s Brush of the Week Featured in Beauty Store Business

    This week’s Brush of the Week is the newest addition to our family and it’s already getting tons of attention!  The Keratina is the first specifically designed thermal vent brush for use with Keratin and other heat based hair treatments. The ionic tipped nylon bristles smooth hair while the titanium enhanced base heats rapidly […]

Brush of the Week – The BIG Wonder

Ever hear of sibling rivalry?  No, I’m not talking about the three siblings that work at Spornette International, ha ha.  I’m talking about the pair of wonders, the Little Wonder and the Big Wonder, America’s favorite teasing brushes! The Little Wonder (much like a younger sibling) gets all the attention: in the press, from bloggers/vloggers, […]

2016 the Year of Spornette Brushes

We can’t say goodbye to 2016 and officially welcome 2017 without remembering some of the exciting places we spotted our brushes.  From magazine shoots to tv shows, and from award season to beauty tutorials and vloggers, Spornette brushes were used by the professionals in salons, celebrity stylists on the red carpet, and every one in their […]